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lake titicaca

Title : The Mysterious Floating Islands Of Lake Titicaca In Peru Summary : At Lake Titicaca in Peru there are more than 80 floating islands on which people live, and have done so for perhaps more than 3000 years. Explore and enjoy: http://w...

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Water Skiing Lake Titicaca

Title : UFO Burning Up Over Lake Titicaca, Peru March 2013 Summary : UFO burning up over lake Titicaca, Peru in March 2013. Music by: Michael St. John. Title : Water Ski US highest lake 9883 above...

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Titicaca Lake Tours

Huatajata Tour Visit Huatajata community and enjoy a journey by the highlands admiring incredible views of the sacred islands and Titicaca Minor Lake. Enjoy a stroll and visit the home of the indigenous Totora ships builders, ships that...