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Antarctic expedition thrills

Chilling out . . . David Harrowfield sets foot for the first time on the shore of Borradaile Island, one of the Balleny Islands near the Antarctic. PHOTO: SUPPLIED Even more rare is someone who has been to the southernmost co...

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Which Ocean Is the World's Smallest?

We humans may spend most of our time on land, but we live in a saltwater-dominated world, with ocean covering 71 percent of Earth's surface. Geographers divide the globe's ocean into named regions, and the smallest of these is the...

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Top Cold Water Liveaboards

When people think about diving they tend to imagine warm water, endless sunshine, palm trees and tropical destinations. It isn’t all about the tropics though. There are some fantastic cold water diving liveaboards for adventurous travelers to experie...

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The secret of the Earth

One of the questions currently keeping astrobiologists (the people who would like to study life on other planets if only they could find some) awake at night is, what is the crucial difference that allowed the emergence and evolution of life...