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Past in Perspective

“Sea-based weapons can aggravate crisis stability concerns in the India-Pakistan dyad and present unique command-and-control challenges for Pakistan, which may be required to place these weapons at a higher level of readiness during peacetime….The t...

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weather charts for indian ocean

incident etihad a346 over indian ocean on feb 3rd 2013 .pdc weather wall tropical cyclone activity report 8211 .corentin 3rd cyclone and 3rd flood storm phenomenal first twin .meteorological charts analysis forecast north atlantic europe .meteorologi...

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April 1942 Alternate Indian Ocean

Thanks for pointing this out. I think it depends on the class of ship. At least some of the Japanese cruisers did go dead in the water to recover their floatplanes (see Shattered Sword page 199) but obviously not all [embedded content]....