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The Earth hums, even under the sea

Beneath all the hubbub of life, the Earth is constantly humming.We made an attempt to record it in 1959, but it took another 40 years to confirm that the Earth is always emitting a background noise, even when there aren't any earthquakes, which is t...

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Saman Villas

Bentota, Southern Province, Sri Lanka Saman Villas’ setting – a sea-splashed rocky promontory in Bentota with far-reaching coastal and ocean views – is a country standout, and everything is geared to romance and relaxation: private dining, h...

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In Fiji, India's Pacific Presence Grows

With historical and cultural links, India looks to firm up relations with Fiji. In a small, but symbolically significant, gesture last week, the Indian government provided the Fijian sugar industry with a grant. While the amount was negligible ($1.04...

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Indian ocean trade route climate

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