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Groningen top of the agenda

Reduced production at the large Groningen gas field in the Netherlands is the most pressing energy issue for north-west Europe, including important industrial regions in northern Germany, according to a leading analyst, writes Rob Watts. The cuts al...

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Support for Nord Stream 2 holds ground

Replacing coal-fired electricity with gas-generated power is seen as key in Germany’s energy transition, or Energiewende, and an argument for the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, writes Rob Watts. Germany, Europe’s biggest gas market after the UK, imports Ru...

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3. Transport 3.1 Interoperability The project makes real-time information about ferry delays, cancellations and travel time prognoses available to travel planning systems that cover different modes of transport. Real-time tra...

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Unused Potential of the Baltic Sea

The European Wind Energy Association WindEurope demands ambitious targets from the countries bordering the Baltic Sea to make the existing potential of the ocean accessible to offshore wind energy as quickly as possible. For a long time, the Balti...

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Area: 173,732 sq mi (449,964 sq km) World Rank: 56Location: Northern and Eastern Hemispheres, in Scandinavia, Northern Europe, bordering Norway to the west and north, Finland to the northeast, Baltic Sea in the east and south, North Sea in the so...