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Hope for Rouhani Azeri trip

Iran is hoping for a breakthrough in a long-standing row with Azerbaijan over a disputed oil and gas exploration area in the Caspian Sea, possibly opening the way for a joint exploration and development agreement during a planned trip to Baku in lat...

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Matsoni caspian sea yogurt

make yogurt at home in a jar. 1111/j. Matsoni or Caspian Sea yogurt instructions allow you to make Caspian Sea yoghurt starter culture. It became wildly successful in Japan because the Japanese Find best value and selection...

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Off Grid Breakthroughs and Challenges

The conference “Off Grid Energy Independence” Berlin April 11-12 will be unique in focussing exclusively on zero emission off grid and fringe-of-grid advances, challenges and prospects globally. The conference "Off Grid Energy Independen...

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Can Central Asia and the Caucasus Cooperate?

The five countries of Central Asia have yet to fully exploit the economic potential of greater access to European and Middle Eastern markets. The possibilities of acting as a land corridor between Asia and Europe have also not been properly explored,...