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Splitting the Red Sea

Yeah it was 2014. But I went and saw another game against someone I can't remember in 2015. The Ohio state game was a loss, but I can't tell you the score, and I can't tell you the score from the one in 2015. There was al...

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Turkey's move into the Red Sea unsettles Egypt

Projecting greater Turkish power in Africa has always been a pillar of the Justice and Development Party’s (AKP) foreign policy agenda. In pursuit of this aim, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan toured Sudan, Chad, and Tunisia last month. While i...

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A deluge of divine grace

Gina Christian By Gina Christian • Posted January 17, 2018 I pushed aside the curtain and reached for a towel. After a long, rainy day and a long, hot shower, I wanted to be dry as soon as possible. The whole week had been one deluge after anothe...

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Deep Red Sea

Things arent looking good in the cryptocurrency world at the moment. Everything has huge losses, South Korea rumours of banning cryptocurrencies, bitconnect closing down and people losing thousands.Things are not looking good Am I worried? Not a bit....

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The Bible Comes to Washington

The difficulty with analyzing the country’s weaknesses and strengths comes from the fact that the North Korean system—which is made up of the Kim dynasty, the North Korean state, and the economy constructed to maintain them both—is unlike any other o...