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A-grade water quality is assured

The Vaal Dam, which supplies many Gauteng municipalities with water, was recently reported to have localised pollution that could be hazardous to consumer’s health. Although their main supply of water is the Vaal Dam, Rand Water claims that they a...

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Newcastillians collect water for Cape Town

While some of us take the supply of water for granted, the people of Cape Town are desperately praying for it. This dire circumstance has has motivated thousands people around South Africa to start collecting bottled water and then sending them to...

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Since When Did Moon Water Become a Thing?

Our Instagram feeds are overrun with crystals. It seems everyone's collecting them, charging them and styling them on top of their biggest coffee table book next to their fancy Diptyque Baies candles — it's certainly become a trend over the last few...

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'We will supply water to Cape Town'

Cape Town - The Department of Water and Sanitation has vowed to ensure water supply to citizens, even when the province's biggest dam, Theewaterskloof, reaches its last 10%. This was said by regional director of the national Department of Water Affa...